The Forum
Why ‘The Forum’?

I could have called this a ‘blog’, but I loathe the word, which conjures up stinking, mud-filled swamps.  And as for ‘blogger’, I need only cite the mischievous definition in the Urban Dictionary: ‘Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives’.

So, eschewing the ‘blog’, I welcome you rather to a ‘forum’, a public space for discussion within the city, and an ancient word of noble, Latin origin.

This will, ideally, be a place for debate and comment around the principal theme explored in my novel ‘Homo Conscius’: What it means – if anything – to be a living, thinking human being. Vaste sujet, as the French say!

Unlike many areas of human activity, psychology and philosophy are not the exclusive province of experts and academics; they cannot even claim to be sciences.  Indeed, this is both their limitation and their beauty!  We are all, every one of us, psychologists and philosophers, clever or stupid, often both, and thus need not bow down, blaming lack of education or training, before any one else on these subjects unless we choose to. Every insight, every perception, every experience or analysis about human nature deserves consideration on its own merits – whoever the source.

I welcome the ideas and even text submissions from readers about subjects to be ‘treated’ in The Forum and look forward to some lively discussions!

Timothy Balding

P.S. I know.  Despite the best efforts of my designer and friend, Juan Carlos Cedillo Gomez, this awful word ‘Blog’ still appears below and apparently cannot be changed.  Yet one more measure conceived by template creators to castrate and uniformize their users …